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TripFlex Rubber Mats

TripFlex Rubber Mats


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Lighter in weight for easier handling. Fully launderable mat that performs great as an anti-fatigue mat and as a flow-through mat in wet or dry environments. Constructed of 100 percent High Density Nitrile Rubber cushion which is far superior in grease and oil resistance than other "grease proof" mats. Provides excellent anti-fatigue properties for added employee comfort and improved ergonomics, improving employee morale and productivity. Meets all standards set in the Americans with disabilities act. Low profile, 3/8 inch thick, and slip-resistant surface reduces slip and fall accidents. Non-skid backing keeps mat in place. Anti-microbial Treated - The anti-microbial treatment guards against degradation from micro-organisms and minimizes mats being a source of odors. Provides superior anti-fatigue properties for employee comfort and ergonomic benefits. 100 percent high-density, closed cell nitrile cushion with green 10 percent recycled content. Beveled edges for safe access. Welding safe. Highly resistant to high temperatures.



For use in kitchens, behind bars and wet industrial applications.



Rubber type: nitrile rubber (10 percent recycled content) high density closed cell foam. 3/8" Thickness. Black color. 50 to 55 Durometer. Testing: passes flammability standard DOC-FF-1-70. Anti-static- electrical resistance - IBM (surface to ground) ASTM F-150 and NFPA 99 chapter 12 section (6) (7), 1990. Average ele4ctrical resistance at 70 degree F. and 50 percent relative humidity: 5.4 x 10 to the power 8 ohms. AATCC test method 134-1991 electrostatic propensity of carpets. Maximum voltage negative 0.3 KV. UV stable.