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Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to prevent the health problems caused by working on hard flooring. These mats are a huge help to commercial and industrial workers who are standing for hours at a time as well as individuals who have back, legs, or feet problems. These mats provide a cushion or bounce on the work surface, which in turn increases body movement, disperses the worker's weight evenly over the surface, and enhances blood flow and circulation. Anti-Fatigue mats come in variety of different thicknesses, colors, safety borders, custom sizes, and shapes.
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Diamond Top
From $72.30 - $6,436.20
Air Step Mat
From $35.00 - $620.00
Soft Step
From $52.40 - $1,219.52
Pro Top
From $48.35 - $1,168.17
Marble Top
From $83.40 - $891.20
Leather Top
From $57.95 - $1,443.13
Flex Step
From $48.51 - $84.99